1.1 School hours

07:35 – 13:00 Pre-Preparatory

No pupil may leave the school grounds without permission from the Principal or Deputy Principal.

Pupils leaving the school premises early need to be signed out at the secretary’s office by their parent or guardian.

1.2 Punctuality

All pupils are expected to be at their classrooms by 07:35.  Late arrivals will have to enter through the main office where a register will be kept.  Poor punctuality is frowned upon as it is disruptive and is distressing for the child to arrive late or to leave after everyone else.

Pre-Preparatory children, not picked up by 13:45, will be taken to Aftercare and charged accordingly.

1.3 Illness

According to health regulations a sick child cannot attend school.

We, at Veritas College, reserve the right to decide if a child may attend school if they are unwell.

A child must not be sent to school if:

They have a fever, are vomiting or have diarrhoea

They are coughing, sneezing or have a runny nose which requires constant wiping.

They have an eye infection or head lice.

A communicable disease must be reported to the school as soon as possible

1.4 Medicines

We discourage the bringing of medicines to school.  If it is absolutely necessary, it must be given to the teacher, by the parent or their representative.  It must be clearly labelled with instructions and the child’s name.

1.5 Absence from School

Parents should telephone the school office when a pupil cannot attend school.  A doctor’s certificate is compulsory if a child has missed 2 or more consecutive days of school.

1.6 Dental, Doctor and other appointments

Medical and dental appointments should be made in the afternoon unless it is an emergency.

1.7 Change of Address or Home Circumstances

Parents are required to provide the school with notice of any change of circumstances relating to address, telephone number or other relevant information.

1.8 Beginning and End of Term

Absence from school at the beginning and end of term is discouraged as it disrupts the school routine.

1.9 Transport

Parents are asked to ensure that transport is punctual.  Courteous drivers and proper use of parking bays can avoid congestion of traffic.  Parents are reminded that they or their representative must pick up their child from the Pre-Preparatory garden. For security reasons we will not let your child go with another child or an unknown person.

1.10 Lunch

Please pack your child a healthy lunch.  No cakes, sweets, biscuits or fizzy drinks are allowed.  No glass bottles are allowed.

1.11 Lost Property

All items used at school are to be clearly marked with the pupil’s name.  Each classroom has a lost property box which is always full of unnamed items.

1.12 Neatness of School Grounds and Buildings

In an attempt to preserve our school environment, pupils are encouraged to keep their classrooms and garden tidy.  No litter is allowed.  Vandalism of defacing of school property will not be allowed.

1.13 Charity

Children are encouraged to bring an extra lunch or charity money on Fridays.

1.14 Toys

No toys are allowed in school unless specifically asked for in “Show and Tell”.  The school holds no responsibility for broken or lost toys.

1.15 Birthdays

Children look forward to their special day so please book your child’s birthday celebration with their teacher.  They have small appetites so a cup cake and an individual cool drink are all that is required.  Large cream cakes and bottles of cool drink are difficult to share amongst the class.

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