1.1 School Hours

07:35 – 13:00  (Pre-Preparatory & Grade 1 & 2)

07:35 - 13:30  (Grade 3 – 7)

No pupils may leave the school grounds without permission from the Headmaster or Head of Preparatory.

Pupils leaving the school premises early, need to be signed out at the Administration Office by the parent or guardian.

1.2 Punctuality

All pupils are expected to be at their classrooms by 07:35.  Late arrivals will have to enter through the main office where a register will be kept. Poor punctuality is frowned upon as it disrupts the daily school routine.

Pupils are expected to be punctual for all extra-mural activities and sports matches, and parents are expected to fetch their children at the given times.

1.3 Absence from School

Parents should telephone the school office when a pupil cannot attend school.  In all cases a letter explaining the absence should be given to the class teacher.  A doctor’s certificate is compulsory if a child has missed 2 or more consecutive days of school or in the case of an exam/cycle test being missed.

1.4 Dental, Doctor and other Appointments

Medical, dental and orthodontic appointments should be made in the afternoon unless it is an emergency.  Absence for any exceptional circumstances must be requested in writing.  

1.5 Change of Address or Home Circumstances

Parents are required to provide the school with notice of any change of circumstance relating to address, telephone numbers or other relevant information.

1.6 Beginning and End of Term

Absence from school at the beginning and end of term is discouraged as it disrupts classwork and the general school routine and discipline.

1.7 Sports Fixtures or Sports Functions

Every endeavour is made to inform parents timeously about functions in writing.  Parents will receive, via the pupils, a term calendar and weekly notices.

1.8 Transport

Parents are asked to ensure that transport is punctual. Courteous drivers and proper use of parking bays can avoid congestion of traffic.  Whenever possible parents are to observe the ‘drop-off-and-drive’ rule.

1.9 Extra-Mural Participation

Pupils are expected to participate in one winter and one summer school sport/cultural activity per year.  If pupils are unable to attend on a particular day, a letter of explanation must be written to the teacher/coach concerned.

1.10 Extra-Curricular Activities

School activities take preference over extra-curricular activities e.g. club sport, ballet, horse-riding.

1.11 School Books

An annual textbook levy is charged as textbooks are supplied by the school. All textbooks must be covered in plastic.  If a textbook is lost the parents will be charged a replacement fee.

Stationery can be ordered at the end of each year for the following year. Exercise books should be covered in paper, plastic and clearly labelled.

1.12 Lost Property

All items used at school are to be marked clearly with the pupil’s name.  Lost property is kept in a designated area and distributed by Mrs Jean Mbonani.

1.13 Neatness of School Grounds & Buildings

In an attempt to preserve our school environment, pupils are encouraged to keep their classrooms and the grounds tidy.  No littering is allowed. Vandalism or the defacing of school property will not be tolerated.  

1.14 Charity

Pupils are encouraged to bring extra lunch or charity on Fridays.

All pupils are asked to donate an item of food to the poor as an offering on days when we will attend Mass.

We encourage the children to support those less fortunate than themselves.

1.15 Birthdays

Parents are more than welcome to share their child’s birthday with the class, but are asked to please be selective in the ‘goodies’ they send.  Cup-cakes, small party packs, ready cut rectangular cakes (cubes) are preferred. Large cream cakes, bottles of cool drink are very difficult to share amongst the children.

1.16 Safety and Security

Your child’s safety is very important to us.

We DO NOT allow the children to wait on the pavement outside the school grounds.

Pupils are to wait at the BIG TREE next the Media Centre inside the grounds. If it rains, they wait inside the tuck shop area where they are protected from the rain.

All Prep. pupils MUST be fetched by 14:30, unless they participate in extra-mural activities.  If they are not fetched by 14:30, they will be sent to aftercare and a fee will be charged.

Pre-Preparatory pupils must be fetched by 13:30 from the Pre-Preparatory garden.

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