School Fees Schedule 2016

The Finance sub-committee of the school Board has been very busy over the last few months evaluating our business plan and budget for 2016.  All our expense lines are funded by the school fee payments you make.  We are not subsidised in any way by the Education Department so the finance sub-committee and the Board have to make sure that all our financial commitments are fully covered by our income from school fees.

The sacrifices made by our Veritas families to have their children educated at our school in the face of the economic downturn are another vital factor that must be considered in our financial decision making.

Balancing these major issues has been challenging but the Board believes that our new fee structure has taken these constraints into account.  Thus, the 2016 school fees structure is as follows:



A number of long standing expensive capital projects are being completed this year thanks to your monthly payments of the special projects levy.  The upgrading of our swimming pool with a proper set of new filters and pumps, the laying of the kerbing and sand under the pre-prep jungle gyms and the construction of a new roadway to the senior school sports fields and the upgrading of the Pavilion at the Senior School have all been possible through this levy.  A number of projects still need completion next year, so we ask again for your support in continuing with this levy at R50 per month, per child, from January 2016.  This will be billed separately from your school fees as reflected on your invoice.