Congratulations, Matric class of


100% pass rate for the 20th consecutive year!

51 learners achieved 81 distinctions on the IEB system; 90% of Matrics attained Degree Passes (University Exemption).

What brilliant achievements!

Distinctions achieved:

Hannah Mitchell – 7 (three A+ symbols and an overall average of 88%); top 1% of the country for English and Computer Applications Technology;

Nkateko Shilaluke – 7 (two A+ symbols and an 85% average overall);

Kerryn Potgieter – 6 (overall average: 84%); top 1% of the country for Life Orientation;

Jemma Pellizzon – 5 (overall average 82%);

Ipeleng Lentsoe – 5 (overall average 81%);

Zakhna Dhiraj – 5, one of which was for Advanced Programme Maths (overall average 81%);

Deidre Jacobs – 5, one of which was for Advanced Programme Maths (overall average 79%);

Bertie Swart – 4 (overall average 80%);

Courtney Human – 3, and 79% for another subject (overall average 79%).

 Congratulations to the teachers whose tenacity and devotion helped achieve these phenomenal results.

The best distinction-rates belonged to the following departments:

Life Orientation (29 distinctions - the highest number ever!); Afrikaans (11); isiZulu (8); Maths (6); Accounting (6); History (5); English (4); Life Sciences (4); Maths Lit (3); AP Maths (2); Geography (1); Physical Science (1); CAT (1). Total 81.

We are immensely proud of what our family has achieved.

May your futures be blessed and may you always choose to do only that which is worthy of praise.




Veritas College teachers are to be congratulated on their determination to ensure that their learners achieve exceptional results in their subjects. Mrs Catherine Boonzaaier’s Life Orientation results have yielded 29 distinctions (this, in her first year at the school, is the highest distinction rate ever in LO at Veritas College; one of her learners is placed in the top 1% of the country for LO); Mrs Petro Bester’s Afrikaans distinctions total an impressive 11; Ms Shange’s and Mr Sithole’s isiZulu distinctions total 8 (despite Ms Shange’s on-going battle with cancer); Mrs van Wyk’s Accounting results are her best ever – 6 distinctions; Ms Harrison, Mrs Achary and Mrs Chirahwi’s Maths distinctions total 6 and their AP Maths 2 – the Maths department delivers every year; Mr Swart’s best History results in recent years amount to a splendid total of 5 distinctions from a small group; Mrs Pellizzon and Ms Martinuzzi always yield wonderful English results and their 4 ‘A’ and myriad ‘B’ symbol results are impressive as always, especially given that one of their learners is placed in the top 1% of the country; Ms Penman’s first year of teaching Matric Life Sciences resulted in her learners achieving an admirable total of 4 distinctions; Mr Connors’ Maths Lit class brought 3 distinctions and his and Mr Murewi’s Physical Sciences results yielded 1; Ms Peterson CAT results as well as Mr Ngidi’s Geography results saw 1 distinction each, with one of Ms Peterson’s candidates being placed in the top 1% of the country.

81 distinctions for 51 learners! What incredible staff we have at the school.

Well done, educators!

Our new staff intake has been carefully selected to maintain this level of excellence; we are very excited about our prospects in 2018.



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Almighty God
Thank you for shining your love on our Veritas family. May we be as determined as St. Dominic to share your good news in the world; May we be as courageous as St. Catherine to speak our truth; and may we be as energetic as Blessed Edmund Rice in caring for our brothers and sisters. We make our prayer in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

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